Friday, 15 May 2009


The Little Man Chronicles plans to be an online newspaper that tells it like it is - we will name drug dealers that the police seem to allow to get on with their nefarious activities, we will sniff out corruption in the council, criticise the big boys and under the flag of anonymity we will have no fear.

The Little Man hails from the Rhondda Valleys, one of the most deprived areas in the UK. The valleys are suffering from the credit crunch, as is most of the country. But the valleys have never really recovered from the loss of the coal industry. Those dim distant years under Herr Thatcher have left scars that have never healed.

Nevertheless we strive to endure.

And our MP Chris Bryant seems to have flipped his second home twice and claimed £20.000 of tax payers money. His is just the latest in a shameful list of bent MP's milking the system. This can't be brushed aside - these parasitic bastards must pay, some with their very liberty. Claiming for mortgages that had already been paid off is fraud, simple as that. The excuse given for that one was that the MP in question, a Mr Elliot Morley AKA The Fat Cat, didn't realise the mortgage had been paid off.
How can you not notice?

Sheer bollocks.

"We're sorry,' they say. "But we have stayed within the rules of the system."

Fuck the rules of the system! What about the rules of morality? What about not being an evil greedy crook?

I'm angry - I'm furious but then so is most of the country. We've all been robbed by those we elected to serve our interests.

Thanks to The Daily Telegraph for highlighting this - if MP's thought they were doing nothing wrong them why did they fight so hard in the high courts to have their expenses classified under the official secrets act? They're all in it for themselves and they couldn't give a toss about the public, most of the wankers look down on us with contempt.

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